Testing and Servicing Your Air Conditioner

Aug 2019 – According to a news article in HPAC Magazine, most of us don’t bother to get our air conditioners checked out on a yearly basis. Is this something we should worry about?

Keeping your home and place of business cool and comfortable to live and work in is an expensive necessity.   Once you have experienced air conditioning its pretty hard to go back.

The reality however, is that air conditioning is going to become more and more expensive as the ambient temperature outside continues to rise over time. Keeping your indoor environment cool is going to quickly become a luxury that only a few can afford.

The survey of more than a thousand home and business owners, 60% tested their systems on an annual basis, but only 30% had their system serviced in the past year.  Add to this that most of those surveyed would never buy a house unless it had air conditioning and it is clear that a carefully maintained air conditioning system is well worth your time.

With this in mind, it is important that companies and home owners keep their air conditioning equipment in top running order. This means regular checkups at least on an annual basis.

At Barrie Mechanical, we believe that an annual air conditioning service is critical for both home and business owners. Call us today.