Hvac Preventative Maintenance

We proudly provide HVAC preventative maintenance services to homes and businesses in Barrie.

When it comes to your heating and cooling systems, HVAC preventative maintenance is a must, whether you are a home or a business owner in Barrie, Ontario. Not only will your system function its best with routine maintenance, but you’ll also enjoy lower energy bills and greater comfort throughout the year. At Barrie Mechanical Inc., we proudly provide HVAC preventative maintenance services to homes and businesses, and we are happy to assist you with this important routine item.

  • Inspections– The first part of HVAC preventative maintenance is scheduling annual inspections that ensure your system is always operating at peak performance. We’ll check all of your system components to make sure they are in good working order.
  • Routine Maintenance– Routine maintenance on your HVAC system will prevent the need for unexpected calls for repair. Just ask us about setting up an HVAC preventative maintenance plan, so you don’t have to worry about this important detail.
  • Repairs– As your heating and cooling system ages, there will come a time for repairs. Fortunately, if you’ve been scheduling regular HVAC preventative maintenance, repairs can be found early on, rather than causing a big problem when you least expect it.
  • Reliable Performance– Ultimately, our goal at Barrie Mechanical Inc. is to provide you with the critical services you need, so your heating and cooling system works well all year long in Barrie, Ontario. Reliable performance equals customer satisfaction – your

If you are interested in learning more about HVAC preventative maintenance or would like to schedule this service with us at your home, commercial business or industrial facility, contact us today to get started.